WordPress Plugins

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Installation Instructions (Quick Version)

Login to your WordPress Dashboard (wp-admin) and go to Plugins >> Add New. On the Add new page, simply do a search for either ‘ViperFeed’, ‘ViperProof’ or ‘Reputation Management’. Then click ‘Install Now’ on the first result that shows up. The plugin will automatically be installed for you.

At ViperChill, we like to keep things simple.

Installation Instructions (Long Version)

To download a plugin, click on their respective download links above. For now you can only install the plugin by uploading the folder to your server via FTP but I will be adding it to the WordPress Plugin depository shortly. Once you have extracted the folder from the .zip file, simply upload it to the plugins folder on your server:


It’s important that you upload the actual folder, and not just the files. Your folder structure should look like this:


Once you have uploaded the folder simply go to the Plugins area in your WordPress Dashboard and activate the plugin that you have just downloaded.

You will then see a new menu item in the Settings Menu of your WordPress Dashboard.