Update: This was originally posted around two months ago and I’m aware that the rankings have changed. This is still happening for thousands of industries though. Go and check my latest blog posts (from the last week) where I have more examples of this. The video just drills into more detail for you 🙂

Are you saying that spam works?

Yes and no. I am seeing it work in a large number of industries right now. Literally firing tens of thousands of links at pages and getting top results very quickly. I created this page on May 7th 2013 and I still see it ranking no.1. Even if the rankings were short term (which they aren’t), he’s clearly made a lot of money. I don’t think you should go and do this for your clients though.

But this is an authority site…

I know. But I’m actually seeing this in a ton of industries on brand new domains. I have never seen Google so easy to manipulate. My own rankings are not coming from this spam, but I’m getting the kind of backlinks people tell you not to get. That’s what my upcoming product is about. In a few days I’ll share an example of an 18,000 exact searches per month term where the top results are all websites built in the last 30 days.

This is temporary. Penguin, Panda, Polar Bear or whatever will stop it, right?

There always has to be some kind of logic to the top search results that applies to many industries. If it isn’t this that’s working, then it’s something else. There are enough tools available these days to reverse engineer the top search results and see what works. Luckily – though I don’t know how long for – new sites and pages are able to rank very highly, very quickly. I’m focusing on now, not what Google might do in the future.