Last Updated: Wednesday, 23rd of May (2015)


Email Marketing: Aweber

If you’re going to be sending your audience email updates of any kind, then Aweber is without a doubt the best solution on the market. They’re the industries leading email provider for a reason. You can instantly send people access to an eBook they opt-in for, send regular updates to promote products, and continually split-test your funnel to improve conversions. Email subscribers are without a doubt the number one form of traffic that I have: They click on more links and buy more products, always.

Reliable Website (& WordPress) Hosting: Bluehost

Everybody needs a web host, but with literally tens of thousands of options out there, it be hard to decide which one to use. For the last few years I’ve been a huge advocate of Hostgator, but I believe that their quality has slipped when it comes to support. In an act of honesty, I’ve now decided to use and recommend Bluehost. Bluehost are used by literally millions of bloggers and other types of webmasters to keep their sites online. They’re cheap, reliable and have 24/7 live support should you face any issues.

VIDEO: Build a Blog in 3 Minutes with Bluehost

FTP Software for Mac, Windows & Linux: FileZilla (Free)

Filezilla is simply the best FTP program I’ve found in the years I’ve been doing online stuff. I use it on my Macbook Pro and my Windows 7 PC device. It does everything you want it to do and nothing more. An FTP client allows you to edit and access files on your server or through your web host. If you don’t know what your FTP details are then ask your host; it’s critical that every webmaster knows this information.

My Favourite Writing Software: WriteRoom (Mac) Darkroom (Windows)

I’ve mentioned this software a lot in blog posts, but if you haven’t been following my blog for a while you might not be aware of it. My writing process is simply that I open up either Writeroom or Darkroom (depending on which operating system I’m using) and write down all of my thoughts and ideas for an article or blog post. It totally takes over your screen and allows you to focus on writing. Only then will I import that text into WordPress (or whatever I’m using) and clean it up, add links, graphics and so on.

Track Your Website Analytics: Clicky (Free)

If you aren’t tracking your website analytics then you’re missing out on a lot of valuable data and probably missing out on a lot of money too. The reason I don’t use Google Analytics is not only because I think Google have too much info on us already, but because there are many tools available online which show you all of the sites somebody owns on the same GA account. You could set-up different accounts, but that’s too much work for me. Clicky also includes real-time tracking so you can see what is happening right now on your site.

Perform Optimal Keyword Research: Long Tail Pro

I’ve spoken with the owners of Long Tail Pro and managed to get ViperChill users a $30 discount on your purchase. All you need to do is use this link and you’ll get access to one of the fastest and most comprehensive keyword research tools available on the market today. There’s nothing worse than putting work into a website or keyphrase that nobody is actually looking for, so make sure you start your marketing efforts off on the right foot.