The question that each and every one of us who want to make a living from the internet must ask at some point in our lives.

“How does Google work?”

our-deskFrom the Ridiculously Clean Desks of Glen & Diggy

Dear Friend,

If you want to get more free search engine traffic to your website, this will be the most important page you read this year.

I have a question for you…

“If you didn’t have to worry about website traffic ever again, how would that change your daily online efforts? How would that change your income?”

It had been easy to get backlinks to sites where I knew a lot about the niche, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to get quality links in industries where I was new to the scene.

You could try guest posting, but it takes a lot of emailing back and forth to get yourself on a site worth writing for…and Google even advise that guest posting shouldn’t be used for link building.

Directory submissions pretty much had zero power any more, just like article directories.

Google were cracking down on paid links at every turn.

And how could you interact with other website owners to get links when you’re the first real website in a hot new industry — where all the money is to be made?

If you were sitting with me at my desk when I came to this conclusion, you would clearly be able to see on my face that I was ready for a change.

“Then I Got a Phone Call…”

It was Diggy.

After sharing an apartment together in South Africa, I had moved to Thailand to play connect-4 with ladyboys while he had moved to Canada to avoid the police.

Just kidding (about the ladyboy part).

Diggy is one of those people who will never say anything bad about any of your plans. Instead, he’ll actually get as enthusiastic as you are about that thing.

In his usual emphatic way he started telling me about all of these websites he was ranking and all of the money he was making with SEO. Diggy hadn’t really cared much about SEO in the past so I was surprised to hear him say:

“It’s so simple man, I just build my own websites in similar industries and then link them to the website I want to rank.”

“But I Didn’t Do Greyhat SEO…”

On a scale of Barry White to Jack Black, having your own blog network is a bit of a Sasha Grey-hat tactic. Not totally pure but not really that bad either.

Then a few lightbulbs started going off. What if we could use this method in a really whitehat way?

Building great websites on similar topics that we use to link to ourselves. Then I could focus on design and content like I want to.

Within 10 minutes of that phone call I gave Diggy $5,000 to purchase some domains for me. I jazzed them up, made them look great, and tried to rank some new sites.

It worked.

Over and over and over again.

“I Had Bought Too Many Domains…”

I actually purchased a dozen too many domains so I asked someone I know with a lot of SEO clients whether he needed more links.

He said, Glen, here’s a phrase that you’ll never hear an SEO speak: “Right now I just have too many high-quality backlinks

We ranked his sites.

We ranked his clients websites.

And since that day he has paid us thousands of dollars, month after month, to get links from our network.

Our Clients Literally Begged Us

… “Please never open this up to anyone and everyone“.

Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t. As we build high-quality sites, on powerful domains manually, we don’t have the most scalable business model.

But we do have highly effective backlinks we could start pointing at your website right now.

How long has it been since you just went back to basics? Instead of trying to come up with the next crazy idea to get website traffic, why not just try a proven method?

You’re Going to Have to Act Fast

Here’s why.

These are the exact backlinks that we use on our own websites, so you can safe knowing that they’re safe to get and use. We have literally dozens of case studies in our forums.

Ever since I shared my popular webinar on how Google made 2013 the most profitable year of our lives, we’ve been getting email after email for people asking how to use blog networks effectively and whether we can build links for them.

The last time we opened up our doors we sold out in less than 12 hours.

“Doors Open on September 2nd

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