I assume you found this page by clicking on my income figure at top right hand corner of this website. Please note the figure at the top is for May and not June. I’m still testing the graphic design so just changed the month name.

I just want to clarify a few things about that number you see. First of all, it’s actually much lower than what my business made as a whole for the month. Roughly around 60% of my income. I run the majority of my online operations with my business partner, Diggy, who I split my SEO business with 50/50.

The numbers are also slightly off due to what I will have to pay in taxes and any possible refunds we receive, but for the most part it’s accurate for what I will put in my pocket for the month.

Now that’s out of the way, you probably want to know how I’m able to achieve these figures. The answer is pretty simple:

  • I offer a link building service for clients
  • I rank websites in Google and rent them out to businesses for a monthly fee
  • I offer a video course on how to grow a marketing company
  • I build niche affiliate websites (which primarily get traffic through SEO)

I also owned Clickbank’s #1 website design software and have held that position for more than three years. I sold that business this year to concentrate more on my SEO efforts.

Before we continue with my story and exactly what I do regarding Search Engine Optimisation, I just wanted to share some of my income proof. I do this not to impress you or to fuel my ego, but to simply verify the claims I make on this page.

(Godaddy Bookkeeping links directly to our Paypal account and can not be manipulated. This is literally our weekly profit so this includes expenses as well. Of course, this also only shows one source of income.)

One thing I want to make clear is that unlike other people who build websites and blog in the internet marketing space, I will not be doing monthly income reports. I will change the figure in the top right hand corner of this website where relevant, but I will not be tracking the numbers or exactly where which percentage came from where.

I honestly find it highly ironic that some of the people looked up to because of their income reports are pretty much only making money through showing people how to make money. In other words without teaching people how to make money they wouldn’t actually have any income to show at all.

I have zero respect for this and it’s not something I’ll ever do, promote or advocate. While I do generate an audience from this website, I don’t directly sell anything here.

The Impossible Goal of $2,000 Per Month…To Making That Daily

I guess if I’m going to have a page on this site about my monthly income then I should cover some aspects about how I feel about generating this kind of money.

On one hand, it’s not a large sum. There are people making my monthly income on a weekly, daily and even hourly basis. In relation to some of my close friends I’m actually earning a lot less than them. There is certainly a lot of room for growth.

On the other hand, my original goal for internet marketing was simply $2,000 per month. I decided that’s all I would need to quit my job working in a clothes store and be fairly comfortable to “go it alone” in the world without having a boss.

$2,000 equates to $66 per day, just as it did back then when I made the calculation and wondered how the hell I could possibly make that much money, daily, from the internet.

It has been a long and winding road to get to the point where I can make my initial monthly goal on a daily basis with the very real potential of even doubling that number in just the next few months.

Being able to generate this revenue has enabled me to do things I could have only dreamed of when I was working at TK Maxx in Newcastle (England) and spending my days folding towels or putting new price tags on clothing items. I did become a boss at folding towels though, which I’m sure a future wife will appreciate.

Things like being able to give work to family members so they can enjoy the freedom from the 9-5 like I do.

Never having a “job” or a boss since I was 21 years old.

Supporting charities I believe in and making monthly financial contributions. If you would like to do the same, I highly recommend World Visions Sponsor a Child program where I help children in Armenia.

Purchasing a car in cash that I have wanted since I was 12 year old, an Audi TT, then selling it a week later because I wanted a BMW Z4. While it’s not a Ferrari, it is a $130,000 car brand new here in Asia…and that’s for the most basic model. (I didn’t get the most basic model. I actually didn’t buy it brand new either because I can’t justify paying 4X the price of buying the car in America or the UK).

Being able to travel across Asian countries like Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong (where I spent my most recent birthday gambling at the Venetian).

Helping literally thousands of people make their first money online and then helping them take those first dollars and growing their income exponentially.

And so on, and so on.

There’s surely some things I have missed, but most importantly being able to grow my income has simply given me the freedom to do what I please, when I want to do it.

How a Small SEO Forum Led Me All the Way to Africa

From the age of 15 till I was almost 18 my online adventures were admittedly highly varied. You can name pretty much any type of way to make money online – besides operating some sex cam – and I’ve probably done it.

I’ve built forums and directories. I’ve ran profitable proxy websites. I ran the worlds #1 DJ community which was featured in the book DJ’ing for Dummies. In my early days I also built scripts to spam websites and get traffic from them (I’m not proud of this, but it hopefully shows I’ve tried it all).

The one constant throughout my years online has been SEO. Getting and maintaining top Google rankings and driving thousands of free visitors to my websites each and every day. I actually started blogging on the subject on this very website, ViperChill, at 16 years old.

I just loved the challenge of figuring out what Google were looking for and finding various ways of getting that thing (which was backlinks from other websites, more often than not). I actually managed to get Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Web Spam, to link to this website when I was 17. Just one year after I had started learning about and practicing the topic.

It was my keen interest to learn more about getting the top spots in Google that led me to discover SEO forums such as Web Workshop and SEO Guy. Web Workshop sadly no longer exists and SEO Guy hasn’t been active since 2011. It was in these forums where I was able to learn about new concepts and also share my own findings with SEO.

After a lot of SEO testing and some posting on one forum I received a PM from a moderator there with a job offer. He basically came out and said that his team in South Africa were looking for someone to help with SEO and Social Media and asked if I would be interested in the job.

I really kind of laughed it off but thanked them for the interest. After all I still had one year left at college and I was still only 17 years old. I had barely left Europe for my holidays nevermind move my entire life to a different country.

After college that day I got home and told my Mam about some crazy guy from the internet who wanted me to go and work in South Africa. Her reaction was not what I expected, “Why don’t you go and do it? You don’t like college and you know you want to do this internet stuff full-time.”

She was right. I had failed my first year of college because I only had 40% attendance (I was skipping classes to work on building websites) and I knew I didn’t want to work in a clothes shop forever. My own internet ventures had been very profitable at times, but my income just wasn’t stable enough.

Maybe I did need this new challenge? By the end of the day I had totally changed my mind. “When do you want me to come?” was my new response.

Within the next few weeks I dropped out of college, quit my job in a clothes store and packed my belongings, ready to start a new life in South Africa.

I would spend the next 18 months there working with huge brands like Land Rover, Bacardi, Nissan, Hewlett Packard and many other well known companies, helping with their online marketing efforts. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and something I will never regret.

There was always a nagging feeling in the back of my mind, however, that I just could not shake. The desire to be my own boss, work for a salary with unlimited potential and set my own working hours was getting stronger by the day.

During my last six months of working for the SEO company I was earning more money on the side with my niche affiliate websites than I was in my full time job. I slowly but surely realised that I could finally go it alone and make my own living from the internet.

Since January 31st, 2009 at 21 years old, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

How We Get (and Maintain) Top Google Rankings

Since the vast majority of my internet income does come from getting top Google rankings for profitable keywords I guess you’re probably wondering how I do it.

To be honest with you, the answer isn’t very exciting or mind-blowing. It’s really quite simple: I’ve built more than 1,000 of my own sites and then use them to link to myself.

There are said to be more than 200 factors in Google’s algorithm for how it ranks websites, but there is zero doubt to anyone who does SEO and does it well that links are by far the most important factor.

A very quick test you can do to see the power of links is to perform a Google search for “click here.” The top results will not even have those words on their page. Instead, they’ll be software programs like Java and QuickTime and Firefox that people usually link to and say “click here to download X”.

That’s the only reason they’re ranking for that search term; the links that people are pointing to those pages with the text click here.

The truth is that I can and do rank one-page websites very easily by utilising the power of links.

Of course, there are many ways to get links. Some are viewed as whitehat or greyhat or blackhat. I don’t believe in these terms. Anything you are doing to increase your websites search rankings is pretty much always against Google’s guidelines.

I’ve covered my thoughts on building a blog network, including the ethics of it, more in this blog post which has well over 200 comments.

My network began working so well for myself and others that I expanded it far beyond what I had ever planned. Currently I have more than 1,500 powerful domains which I rent out to clients on a monthly basis (this makes up a large portion of my SEO income). This is not an easy business to run – I’ve spent more than $130,000 on domain names alone – but it is successful.

Our clients would not stick with us if we didn’t get results and we do our best to make that happen. I believe one key aspect of our success is that we only offer links and we only open our doors for 48 hours per month. All other SEO companies seem to accept anyone and anyone and try to offer everything for their clients.

People who come to us know we offer links (if you’re interested, our waiting list page is here).

For people who think that building a marketing or SEO company may be for them, I’ve also put together this more than 2-hour free video course on the three funnels you need to be successful. There’s no opt-in or registration required, and you can learn more here.

The Only Way I Know to Make a Lot of Money

This section is not here to discuss whether I think money should be the definition of success. You’re smart enough to figure that out for yourself. There’s a well known saying that says, “Money doesn’t buy you happiness”. There’s also another I like, “Money may not buy happiness, but it sure can make you comfortable while you’re being miserable.”

Money to me, at the end of the day, is freedom.

Freedom from a boss.

Freedom to see the world in a way that I like.

Freedom to explore all the world has to offer.

Freedom to put my money in places I feel it will have the best use for myself and the rest of society.

These days I’m really past the stage of “if I earn X amount of money I can now purchase X” but instead view the pursuit of increased wealth more like the next stage in a video game. I want to make more money partly as a challenge to myself, and partly as a vehicle to allow me to use money in better and more creative ways.

I’m a big believer in the idea that the more value you provide to the world, the more money you’ll get back. There are exceptions (corrupt people ruining the economy and getting richer in the process) but from my experience, it’s a rule that holds true.

A McDonald’s worker only gets $10/hr because that’s all the position is worth to the company. If you offer more value you’ll get a better position. Either at McDonald’s or elsewhere.

So what is the only way I know how to make money? Work.

What a boring and perhaps disappointing answer, I know. Of course it’s slightly wrong also. I know some people get rich through luck (rare) or inheriting fortunes (rarer) or winning the lottery (even rarer).

But for the rest of us, putting in the hours is literally the only way to make it happen.

In my podcast episode with Lorenzo Green from Stack That Money he said there are two types of people. Those who will get a new toy for Christmas and take the time to carefully get it out of the box, read the manual properly and then start playing with it. And those who will take that same toy, rip open the box and start crashing it into walls and “figuring it out” as you go.

Lorenzo is the latter type. He’s also a multi-millionaire after dominating some of the most competitive industries online.

I recently launched a paid marketing product to the world helping people to grow their own profitable companies online. It was very interesting to see how people approach it. A large percentage of people did absolutely nothing with the information I shared to them and didn’t even join the forums (where they would get personal access to me one-on-one).

Then there was a group of people who read the information multiple times and when they did join the forums they instantly “got stuck in” and started their own follow-along case studies. I don’t have to tell you which group were the most successful. Within three weeks we had a dozen people who had made thousands of dollars with the information I provided.

It’s really not just about the knowledge – you can get that from thousands of sources – but being the type of person who will actually put that knowledge into action.

How scary is it that pretty much everyone already knows that you need to take action to see results yet pretty much everyone ignores that core fundamental of success.

It’s not always easy to be super productive, I know. I could have put together this very page you’re a lot faster than I did but I procrastinated on it a few times. That’s why I have a system I follow to help me achieve more.

My Two-Part System That Inspires MASSIVE Action

It’s a two-part system and very simple to follow.

Part one of the system is to journal every single thing that motivates you, whatever it is. This is the only motivation system I know that can literally apply to anyone and everyone. I’m not telling you to put a picture of your dream car as your desktop wallpaper and that will make you super productive because not everyone cares about cars…and that one picture probably wouldn’t work anyway.

All you have to do is keep note of anything that motivates you. I don’t care what it is. This is for you; it’s supposed to be personal. Maybe it’s a hot chick photo you find online and you want to be successful to have a girl like that. Maybe it’s a hot guy. Maybe it is actually a dream car. Maybe you read a story about someone who went from rags to riches and it inspired you to work harder…even just for a day.

Whatever it is. Make a note of it. Screenshot it. Write it down. Make a video with your favourite motivational stories. This is all about you.

Some people reading this (probably women) will not understand my comment about hot chicks at all. How could having a photo of a hot girl make you want to work harder? Well, you don’t understand it because it’s not what motivated you.

Dont worry about what the items are, just find them. Constantly top up your source of motivation. As Zig Ziglar says, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.

You better believe there’s an entire album on my iPad dedicated to things that inspire me. Guys who were once super skinny and are now pretty jacked. Interior shots of cars I would love to drive. Screenshots from people who comment on how life changed after they made a lot of money.

Anything that drives me.

I don’t care if you think any of that is weird. It works for me and I have no doubt it will work for you too. Just keep topping it up anytime you find something that encourages you to take action towards success.

The second part of this system requires living a slightly mechanical life. You don’t have to follow this part at all — I’m just sharing what I do personally.

The idea for this concept came to me a few years ago when I really ingrained the idea that habits basically determine the outcome of our lives. If you have the habit to eat junk food and watch TV on the sofa all day, that is likely to result in you being overweight and unfit.

Similiarly if you have the habit of waking up early, getting straight into work and making time for fitness, the likely outcome is a better body and more progress into your work life.

For my own goals, I have identified a number of habits that help me achieve what I want to achieve. These include things like:

  • Having 2 protein shakes every day
  • Having one scoop of creatine per day
  • If I have time to read an email then I must answer it
  • Daily meditation of 15 minutes
  • Exercise in the gym at least 3X per week
  • Writing X amount of blog posts per month

Of course, these habits will change depending on what I’m working on. I will give each of these tasks a letter. So protein would be something like ‘P’ and getting a tablespoon of Creatine would be ‘C’ and so on.

Then I would print out a weekly or monthly chart and write those letters in each day. When I’ve done the task, I’ll cross that item off.

No longer does it become a huge mental challenge to remember all of the things I have to do to reach my goals. I just see a list of letters, P, C, M, D and so on and that’s it. If I can cross off all of my letters each day, I’ll have made as much progress as I possibly could in that 24 hour period.

I am aware that from an outsiders perspective this probably seems a bit robotic and mechanical but for me it’s really just about simplification. I don’t see big challenges in front of me and hard tasks that I have to complete…just a simple little letter sitting there on a calender.

I won’t always live this way; it’s something I tend to alternate one month on and one month off, but without a doubt when I’m “ON” I get a lot more done and make a lot of progress. Not everything will fit into a daily habit but if you can get the core of your day onto a sheet of paper in this format then your tasks just look and feel so much easier.

Give it a try…you never know!

I haven’t decided quite what I’ll do with future updates to this page. I think I’ll add a section at the bottom here which gives a brief outline of what I achieved and failed to achieve for each month. That means people can keep coming back here and getting something new out of it.

If you managed to make it this far, thank you for reading 🙂 – Glen