A lot of emails I receive are similar, so hopefully the answers below will help to save you some time.

Why do you not include any affiliate links on your website?

It’s not that I’m totally against affiliate links or even ads, it’s just that I can recognise it is hard to trust people in this “make money online” industry due to so many people teaching it having never built a successful website outside of this space.

While I have made a lot of money teaching here, affiliate income on niche websites has almost always generated more revenue each month.

I’ve also been involved in a number of software projects including a plugin I created, OptinSkin, which generated more than $350,000 in revenue before I sold it in the middle of 2014.

Can I guest post on ViperChill?

Right now, I’m not accepting any guest posts on ViperChill. This is mostly because I have built my site around certain types of articles that the audience here is used to. If the situation changes, I will update this page.

How do I get started?

If you’re looking to build a website, you need a niche. Not just any niche, but a niche that will allow you to build a profitable website and won’t have you waiting years for the money to come in.

I created my VIP Niche Ideas series to help people find a niche that they can dominate.

What is the meaning behind the name ViperChill?

Sadly, there’s no cool story that goes with this answer. ViperChill is simply a combination of two words that my 16 year old self (in 2005) thought were cool. Probably not the best name for a marketing blog, but I have grown to love it, and it doesn’t seem to have hindered my growth.

Where do you get the little white men?

I used to buy them from iStockPhoto but now purchase them from GraphicRiver (because they’re cheaper there). Please note that if you think using them will help you get more traffic or readers, then you’re focusing on the wrong things.

Just give me your email address…

Please note that I get over 100 emails per day and I don’t have enough hours to the majority of them. I do however read everything that is sent in response to www.vipnicheideas.com updates (which are free). Your feedback is appreciated. Email: HQ -at- ViperChill.com

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