Hi, I’m Glen Allsopp.

In the past three years I have built a dozen niche online marketing agencies that have been very successful. I have made it my mission to teach other people how to do the same.

As an introvert who has been building websites for 11 years, I love this business model because I never had to meet a single client in person. In fact this year alone I have been to South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand and my business has still ran smoothly.

More importantly, I’ve been able to help people just like you achieve massive success with the very same business model.

Like many stories of failure to online success, my internet ventures didn’t get off to the best start.

I started this very website in June 2006 as an attempt to land marketing clients. Here’s what the site looked like…

Care to take a guess how many clients this website generated in the space of 18 months?




Let me be totally honest with you.

I didn’t even receive a single email via my contact form, nevermind actually finding someone to pay me money.

Then one day when I was browsing some SEO forums I received a private message from a user there. He had read many of my posts and thought I would be a great fit for the company he was working for.

The only catch, was that I was still in college in Newcastle (England), and he wanted a full-time staff member in Cape Town (South Africa).

Yet, just a few weeks later I would arrive at Cape Town International airport ready to start working in a country where I didn’t know anyone or anything.

Goodbye Newcastle, Hello Cape Town

I was 17 years old when I arrived in Africa and being totally honest with you, my first few weeks were quite depressing.

I left behind my family and friends to a move to what felt like a totally different world and wasn’t quite sure I had made the right decision.

Fortunately my new life became ‘normal’ and I began really enjoying my work and the people I was meeting in this incredible country.

The biggest factor in accepting the job in Cape Town was the chance to work with some of the biggest brands in the world. Through my time there I go to to work with,

  • Land Rover
  • Nissan
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Bacardi

And many other brands I unfortunately can’t name due to non-disclosure agreements.

I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience in South Africa but there is one thing I’ve learned about big corporate clients: Nothing happens fast (if it happens at all).

If you ask them to make on-site changes, optimise their social media strategy or add certain pages to their website, you wouldn’t believe how many departments it has to go through.

A page I could put on my website in a day or two would take weeks or even months for a big brand to implement.

In other words, it became increasingly frustrating when you’re trying to be creative with your marketing and nothing happens.

For this reason I started spending every night I had building my own online side-projects.

I decided I was going to use my SEO knowledge to rank in Google for product offers and hopefully make a commission on any sales I generated.

Within three months I was making as much money from these side projects as I was my full-time job, and after 18 months in Africa I was ready for a change.

Goodbye Cape Town, Hello World

January 31st, 2009.

It’s a date I will never forget and always reminds me to be grateful for the position I currently find myself in.

This date is significant to me because it was the last time I ever had to call someone ‘boss’.

It seems surreal writing this now but I truly have been self-employed for over eight years, with all bills paid for (and quite a bit more) thanks to my online ventures.

For the first four months of my new found freedom I lived in Amsterdam with my best friend (and now business partner) Diggy.

Diggy is dutch and if you stick around ViperChill long enough you’ll know more about his story. Over the last few years we’ve been fortunate enough to grow our online businesses while travelling the world. Just a few of the places I’ve seen in the last 24 months alone include:

  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malasia
  • Cambodia
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Newcastle, England
  • Cape Town, South Africa (Yes, I went back!)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

I haven’t quite decided which destination will be a more permanent base for me, but Singapore is certainly my favourite country that I’ve visited so far. I love it so much that I actually went back another four times after my first visit.

The only downside is that if you don’t have $10m in your bank account, it’s easy to feel incredibly poor in Singapore (it is rated the most expensive place on the planet).

Fortunately, business is picking up…

2015 Revenue: $1.4M (It feels surreal typing this)

…because you can’t talk about how much money you make online without the stereotypical douchebag photo in a Lamborghini.

To be clear, these are not our cars.

At 6’4″ I was uncomfortable sitting in the Lamborghini for more than 30 minutes.

We rented these cars in Singapore for $700 per hour (I told you it was expensive).

The reason I share this photo is because it reminds myself of the freedom this business has given me.

$700 for an hour in a Lamborghini is equivalent to me working full-time, 5 days per week in my first job at TK Maxx in Newcastle.

Quite simply, this isn’t about the money for me, but the experiences I can have thanks to making a living online.

The majority of my revenue is generated from running a number of niche-focused marketing agencies, such as Whitelabel.

In other words I have a lot of clients who pay me for marketing services that I provide them.

If you’ve been reading every word that means ViperChill really did come full circle: I didn’t land a client for 18 months running this website, now landing clients (partially thanks to this website) is allowing me to live my dreams.

If you say I’m an overnight success, then keep in mind it only took 11 years 😉

To get in touch with me you can email hq@viperchill.com or we can also connect on Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for reading!