Hi, I’m Glen Allsopp.

In the past three years I have built a dozen niche online marketing agencies that generated over $1.4M (~80% profit) in 2015. I have made it my mission to teach other people how to do the same.

As an introvert who has been building websites for 11 years, I love this business model because I never had to meet a single client in person. In fact this year alone I have been to South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand and my business has still ran smoothly.

More importantly, I’ve been able to help people just like you achieve massive success with the very same business model.

There’s Brian (username BPC) who generated $43,760 in his first 90 days of following the method.

Joash received a $100,000 BMW in return for his marketing services from one client.

Azzam quickly reached $14,000/m in recurring revenue just a few weeks after getting started.

Like many stories of failure to online success, my internet ventures didn’t get off to the best start.

I started this very website in June 2006 as an attempt to land marketing clients. Here’s what the site looked like…

Care to take a guess how many clients this website generated in the space of 18 months?




Let me be totally honest with you.

I didn’t even receive a single email via my contact form, nevermind actually finding someone to pay me money.