From the Ridiculously Clean Desk of Glen Allsopp

Dear Friend,

If you want to get more free search engine traffic to your website, this will be the most important call you’ll have this year.

And just to be clear,

Yes! The Call Is FREE!

Before I get carried away, let me make something crystal clear:

This isn’t one of those “get rich quick” offers that promises you massive results for doing nothing.

Here’s the deal.

The advice I will outline in our free call is working great for me, and I believe it can help you, too.

But I’m not suggesting that everyone (or anyone) who gets on a call with me is going to make a lot of money.

I don’t know how much the people who I talk with will make – it’s probable that many will make little difference to their finances (most likely because they don’t follow the directions and stick to them).

With that in mind…let’s see what this is about…

Exactly What You’re Getting

First of all, this isn’t like any SEO call you’ve ever had. I’m not going to give vague examples or random theories – just tested strategies that you can apply to your website right now.

And they’re simple.

As soon as we get on the phone together you’ll immediately get access to the system I use to make more than $30,000 per month from SEO…part time.

Even though that’s what I do,

It’s about MORE Than My Business

I want to look at your business so you can get more people to find what you’re selling.

Take what happened back in July as an example…

I gave the same advice to a client who wanted to help his girlfriend make money online. A few weeks later she quit her job and is now a private dance coach purely through search generated leads making triple what she made working at a school.

Then in October Adam emailed me to say that just one tip I gave him paid for his entire wedding to his beautiful bride, Jen (it’s amazing what happens when you put an idea into action).

Later that same month I helped Daryl get his own SEO clients to the top of Google and begging him to take on more work.

So like I said, there’s more to this coaching call than “just” my business.

Here’s a fraction of what you’ll get…

blue-tickExactly which on-site SEO changes to make…to ensure you’re not wasting all of those juicy backlinks pointing to your website. There are some common mistakes you wouldn’t believe some of the smartest people I know make.

blue-tickWhere all of your backlinks are coming from – even if you don’t have an account at any major backlink checker. I’ll run a premium report for you at no cost!

blue-tickHow I use links to have clients happy to pay me $1,000 per month, every single month using a local SEO angle you’ve never heard of before.

blue-tickAn in-depth look at how your website is viewed in the eyes of Google along with recommended tweaks on how to have your website favoured by the world’s biggest search engine.

blue-tickYou just need links to get top rankings most of the time, right? Wrong! I’ll run Market Samurai for you on your industry and show you why the top sites are ranking where they are. The answer is not always about links.

This is a lot of value I’m going to send your way that nobody else is going to be sharing with you.

It gets better because you’re also getting…

An Advanced “Private Link” System for Undetectable Backlinks

After the call I’ll send you a totally free guide on how you can keep your link building totally private from your competitors and yet still feel the full force of them with your Google rankings.

You’ll instantly just get why it works so well and how to put it into action – with nothing blackhat, illegal or unetical.

This simple but effective strategy has been growing my business by thousands of dollars every single month but nobody else is talking about it because they’re not doing it!

Here’s What To Do Next

Like I said, the call is free. All I ask is that you make a deposit of $500 (fully refunded) to ensure you’ll actually turn up for our call. You’ll still get your money back if you don’t turn up, but I would prefer if you did.

There’s nothing I hate more than changing my plans for the day to sit down and call someone only to have them cancel at the last minute or simply stop answering their emails. This deposit will be fully refunded in the first minute of our call.

You can get on the phone with me this week.

As soon as you send the deposit, you’ll be sent to a schedule page where you choose which day and time works best for you.

Oh, and just in case you were thinking about it…


I know it sounds a little odd for me to being doing all of this for free and since we’re in the marketing niche you probably thinking I’m going to do something shady like other “gurus”.

I don’t consider myself a guru, and I certainly don’t act like them.

We’re literally going to sit down, have a 20-minute phone call about the state of your SEO, get that guide in your hands and hopefully keep in touch.

My hope is that I’ll learn more about what people are struggling with when it comes to SEO and taking action so that I can write better blog posts and programs in the future. That’s it.

But, with that said, there is something to keep in mind:

You’re Going to Have to Act Fast

Here’s why.

The last time I gave ViperChill readers this opportunity was on Black Friday. I promised that I would keep the promotion open for 72 hours.

I lied.

I had only planned to take calls for 2-3 days and ended up filling a weeks schedule in 18 hours. It would have been months if I hadn’t turned off the Paypal button so fast.

I’m just one person. I can’t speak to 10 people on the phone all day every day for weeks on end or I’ll burn out. Fast.

My energy and time can only go so far, so this is not going to be around very long.

You Really Are Getting The Coaching Call And The Bonus Guide for Free

All I ask is that you make the deposit to ensure you’re serious about the call and you’ll stick to the time that you choose.

The money is refunded whether you show up for the call or not. I wouldn’t ruin my reputation from 7 years of running this website to keep your deposit.

This is truly a limited offer so schedule your call time before there’s none left…


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Glen Allsopp

P.S. In case you just skipped to the end of this page, here’s the deal:

I’m giving you a free, 20-minute SEO coaching call to help you get more people finding your website via Google and also sharing how I built a $30,000 per month business part-time just through SEO

The call is free, and all you need is to make a deposit of $500 to show me you’re serious about the call and turn up for it. The money will be fully refunded whether you turn up or not, but I have a feeling you will.

It’s important to me that the SEO advice I share is ethical and does not involve blackhat tactics. Even though I hate the word blackhat, there’s nothing about ‘it’ in my calls.

Click here and schedule your free call now. You won’t regret it.