Hey, I’m Glen, the founder of ViperChill.

Ranking websites highly in Google is quite simply, my life.

If my own sites or those of my clients achieve top rankings in Google, I make money. If they don’t rank, I don’t.

For that reason, I spend more time on building links (and analysing opportunites) than any other online activity.

At my current rate I analyse approximately 100,000 link opportunities per week. Out of these we find maybe 300-500 links per month that we would use on our own websites or those of our clients.

This is a full-time job for a number of people in our team as the majority of our links are built on relationships.

The “secret method” I use to find great link opportunities is actually a very simple, logical process: I find websites that are suddenly getting far more search traffic than they used to before and analyse the backlinks helping to make that happen.

You can see an example below of a site that quickly jumped in search traffic:

When a site jumps in search engine visibility – to the tune of almost a million dollars in free search traffic – then you can be sure I will analyse every single little detail about what they’ve done.

In the past I have shared many of these findings here on ViperChill, but these days I mostly use the insights I gain for my own sites or client websites.

The very site you’re reading right now has over 100,000 backlinks and top rankings for some highly competitive search terms.

Some of them are noted below (please note I have only just moved over to Google Analytics from Clicky, so don’t have much data here):

If links ever stop working, then I’ll stop looking for them. I’m now in my 11th year of doing SEO, and I don’t see the value of links decreasing anytime soon.

Due to finding more link opportunities than I need or can use myself, I also offer the chance for other people to purchase links from me.

Introducing The World’s Most Exclusive Link Building Service

The brand by which I represent clients is known as Whitelabel.

The site is and always will be, invite-only. Click here if you don’t believe me (it’ll just link you back to this page).

Though we know a thing or two about on-site SEO, technical markup and optimising conversions, we have spent years specializing in this sole link building offering.

The types of link we build are very specific (and very powerful), but to be clear:

  • We don’t build comment links
  • We don’t build private network links
  • We don’t use article submission sites
  • We don’t use free link directories

The list goes on; you get the idea.

So what kind of links do we build? Our links come from relationships we have built with hundreds of other website owners.

In other words, they’re about as “natural” as you can get without building the links yourself.

These relationships take time to build (and energy to maintain) and as such, we have a large waiting list for our services.

If you are interested in having Whitelabel improve your Google rankings (and getting that access password!), please first read our ‘rules’ below.

Please Do Not Join the Waiting List, If…

You need links today.

Our waiting list means, quite simply, you have to wait until our doors open until we can build links to your website. Doors typically open once every two-three weeks (if at all) so if that’s too long for you, please don’t opt-in.

You can’t keep private case studies, private.

On our waiting list we will share a number of fairly sensitive ranking reports from our own websites performing well in Google. If you are just joining to blog about them or share with other marketers, we kindly ask you to join another link building service.

You’re in the gambling or adult industry.

I don’t operate in either of these industries so quite simply, I can’t build good links for you. It’s better to be honest upfront, right?

You run a non-English language website.

While I can and have built links for non-English language websites, it’s not enjoyable for me. I want to have fun in business, and struggling to understand the industry I’m looking at doesn’t help with that.

You’ll hate me if the doors close before you can get in

As mentioned above, we want this business to be successful and fun. We only accept 15 new clients per opening (at a maximum) and I can assure you 100X more people are on our waiting list than that. There’s a good chance that even if you want in, we can’t accommodate you.

Only 15 Spots Available Each Opening

Let’s say that you were secretly given $10 million but had to continue with your current line of business.

How would that affect the type of people you want to work with? Especially now that money is not a concern?

Though I wasn’t given $10,000,000 I am in the fortunate position to not need to sell SEO. I do it because I enjoy it. Running ViperChill for 11 years is proof of that in itself.

Because I enjoy it, I want to work with fun and interesting clients who challenge what I know about marketing and SEO.

The work I perform for you can not be found elsewhere online and builds upon 37 months of growing personal relationships with website owners around the world. For that reason, there are only so many customers I’m able to take on every time the doors to Whitelabel open.

If you would like to see what I can do for your search engine rankings, click on the button below.

No contracts. No set-up fee. Cancel anytime.